“Possibilities into reality”

DDP Design Fair is a collaboration project for small business owners X designers.

The ‘product developing know-how’ of small business owners and the ‘idea’ of designers will meet to create a new product.

Through collaboration, small business owners will be given opportunities for mass production and promotion through launching of products in various fields such as furniture, lighting, and living, while designers will be provided with opportunities to establish a new business format and a network.

The DDP Design Fair is the largest and the first professional business launching fair ever in Korea, pioneering the path for coexistence of small business owners and designers.

2020. 11. 20. (Fri.) ~ 2021 Open all year round

Online platform

“Possibilities into reality”
The know-how of small business owners and the creativity of young designers are met to launch new products through design collaboration

– To revitalize economy, supporting growth of small businesses by grafting design
– To revitalize the industrial ecosystem in the old downtown, centered on DDP

Furniture, lighting, living and design trends in 2021

– Exhibition of new products launching (small business owners x youth designers)
– Making stories (product developing process, material properties, manufacturing technology, designer philosophy, etc.)
– 2021 design trend presented by DDP Design Fair
– Other citizen participating events such as online voting for excellent products and platform open events