DDP Young Designer Job Fair is a festival of designhelp-wanted and job search for prospective design college graduates and job seekers in Korea

The Corona era in the past few months –The world has been facing unprecedented threats and anxiety.

However, as history shows, crises have always created new opportunities.

Changes in perception are being predicted throughout various fields of society such as economy, culture, industry, education, environment, and technology. The new routine of ‘New Normal’ is moving again.

The paradigm of job and workplace, recruitment and job search is already being changed, and designers’ hiring methods, work style, portfolios, etc. will be expanded to embrace new interpretations and methods.

DDP Young Designer Job Fair aims to enjoy these ‘new changes’ penetrating the post-corona era,challenge various ‘future discourses’ that will face prospective design college graduates and job seekers, and share opportunities open to all.

We intend to make the DDP Young Designer Job Fair a festival of design help-wanted and job search beyond the on-off boundary. We look forward to your interest and participation.

2020. 10. ~ 2021 scheduled to open continuously

Online platform

Design help-wanted and job-search festival for young designers in post-corona era

Design employment support and capacity enhancement through online recruitment and job search platform

Online Portfolio, Young Designer Wanted, Mentor Program


Division Purpose Main contents and how to participate
DDP Young Designer Job Fair
Portfolio (domestic/overseas)
Portfolio creation support and offer promotion opportunities Submit and upload domestic and overseas portfolio
Mentor Program
Opportunities to enhance job hunting skills through portfolio
coaching and career consultation
1:1 in-depth mentoring
– Written and video coaching with 10 mentors and video mentoring
– Share the videos of answers of two expert mentors
DDP Young Designer Job Fair
Sharing information on help-wanted and job search for
domestic and overseas design companies and young designers
Wanted Now
Information service on recruitment by domestic and overseas designer companies
(recruitment information service and support with video interview)

Wanted Archive

Curation Service for a design company worth aiming