Job hunting stories and
job search insights
told by senior designers

Due to rapid environmental changes involving post corona era and the 4th industrial revolution, the way of employing designers and their working styles are changing.

We will look into the challenges and opportunities that designers will face in such new changes.

2020. October ~ December, Every Friday

Online platform

Job hunting stories and job search insights told by senior designers

To enhance young designer’s portfolio production capability and employment capacity

Portfolio talk, designers’ job search interview, sharing of successful job hunting cases in design field


Division Speaker Subject and content
Opening Session CEO Lee Seong-ho (District) Design jobs in the post-corona era
– What are the crisis and opportunities facing designers in the new change?
Session 1.
Portfolio Talk
Seok-Woo Lee (SWNA)
Jaemin Lee (Studio fnt)
Won-Seok Choi (Project Rent)
Jaewon Song, Director (Studio K110)
Lee Eui-Hyun (RAWROW)
Joo-Yeon Choi Vice President (YOUNHYUN TRADING)
Sung Koo Cho (LG Electronics)
Create an attractive portfolio
– Portfolio strategies for each design field and company type told by in-service designers and business associates
– Designer recruitment trend and share ideas of producing a differentiated portfolio
Session 2.
Designer job search
National Museum Cultural Foundation (Cultural Product Team)
Hyundai Motor Company (Brand Design Team)
Zero Lab
MUSINSA (BX Design Team)
How do senior designers work?
– Introduction of work of designers in each field
– Sharing the qualities required of designers and job preparation tips
Session 3.
Successful employment as designers
JTBC (Brand Room)
Designer’s job story
– Episodes and know-how of employment of senior designers who succeeded in getting a job
– Preparation for employment and success stories