The Seoul Metropolitan Government
and the Seoul Design Foundation
implement the 2020 Human City Design Award

In 2018, Seoul City declared itself the ‘Human City Design Seoul’. The ‘Human City Design
Seoul’ Declaration is a response to what the world needs now, with our society convinced
that we must overcome the harmful effects of human alienation,materialism, and
environmental problems, and design a sustainable urban environment in which people can
enjoy creative lives.

It is the wish of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and of the Seoul Design Foundation
that Seoul can serve as a window for communication in building an urban ecosystem
where men and nature coexist and as a platform for joint prosperity where the
sustainability and well-being of the cultural community is sought after. With this hope,
the ‘Human City Design Award’ is presented to designers or groups that have contributed to
building a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between people and people,
people and society, people and the environment, and people and nature by tackling urban
environmental issues and by presenting a new vision through creative design.

Design for Sustainable City for a harmonious relationship between human and the environment

• To establish a sustainable city ecosystem for a harmonious relationship between people and the environment through design
• To discuss design as a creative solution to complex social problems in the city and expand design’s healing effects around the world
• To make the design sector contribute to the development of mankind

Less than 5 years’ implemented design projects(Product, Space/Environment,Communication, System and Service, etc.) that contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between human and human, human and society,human and the environment and human and nature

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Seoul Design Foundation

Sponsorship /Cooperation
Human Cities EU Network, World Design Organization (WDO), The UNESCO Creative Cities Network,
Cumulus, The Silk Road Universities Network(SUN), Korean Federation of Design Associations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.


Time Contents Progress
16:40 Reception
17:00 Greeting
17:03 Introduction of Guests
17:08 Opening Speech CEO of Seoul Design Foundation
17:11 Welcoming Speech & Keynote Acting Mayor of Seoul
17:21 Introduction of Steering Committee
17:24 Introduction of Selection Committee
17:30 Award 10 Finalists
17:37 Award Grand Prize
17:42 Photo Time & Closing

※ The date, time, and contents are subject to change.

Steering Committee

No. Title Name Nationality Field Major career and academic background
1 Representative of Europe Human City Network Josyane Franc Europe Design · CEO of Human City Network
· Director of International Affairs Bureau, Saint-Etienne Cite du Design
2 Representative of Asia UNESCO Creative City Design Network Eriko Esaka Asia Design · Team Manager of Culture and Tourism Exchange Bureau of Nagoya City
· Lecturer at Nagoya University of the Arts
3 Project Manager of ADI Design Museum Andrea Cancellato Europe Culture · Director of MEET, Italy’s first digital cultural center
· Former Triennale Director
4 Representative of Singapore Design Council Mark Wee Asia Design · Representative of Singapore Design Council
· Former pioneer of Design Thinking Singapore
5 FM Strategies for Design Architect, Designer Fernando Mascaro South America Design · Human City Project curator, speaker
· Former 2002-2017 Biennale International Design Saint-Etienne
6 Professor Hassot Plattner, Design Thinking School, University of Cape Town Richard Perez Africa Design · World Bank and UN Foundation Design Advisor
· Former Chairman of the 2014 World Design Capital, Cape Town
7 CEO of Good Design Australia Brandon Gien Oceania Design · President of Australia’s Annual Good Design Awards
· Former Chairman of WDO World Design Organization, 2013-2015
8 Representative of Korea Future Design Institute, Seoul National University Emeritus Professor Soonjong Lee Korea Design [2020 Steering Committee Chair]
· Professor at Seoul National University
· Former President of the Korean Federation of Design Societies
9 Director of Seoul Design FoundationProfessor of University of Seoul Lee Choong-gi Korea Architecture · Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Seoul
· Former CEO of Hanme Architect Office
10 President of the Korea Federation of Design Associations Lee Gil-hyung Korea Design · President of Korea Federation of Design Associations
· Professor at Hongik University Graduate School of Design Contents
11 Head of Cultural Headquarters of Seoul Metropolitan Government Yu Yeon-sik Korea Administration · Head of Cultural Headquarters of Seoul Metropolitan Government
· Former Citizen Communication Planning Officer of Seoul Metropolitan Government
12 Representative Director, Seoul Design Foundation Choi Kyung-ran Korea Administration/
· Former Dean of Techno Design Graduate School of Kookmin University
· Former Director of the Gwangju Design Biennale (2015)
· Former Director General of Seoul Design Hanmadang
PM Sejong University Professor Jinsung Kim Korea Design · Professor, Department of Design Innovation, Sejong University
· Former MA researcher at Volkswagen Design Center, Germany

Selecting Committee

No. Title Name Nationality Field Major career and academic background
1 Founder of Comedia Charles Landry Europe City · European Innovative Capital Award Designer
· Author of 『Creative City』
· Robert Bosch Academy Fellow, Berlin
2 University of Venice
Professor of Business Administration
Stefano Michelle Europe Design · Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Venice
· Consultant and curator of Triennale di Milano 2015-2019
3 Akoaki Founder, Designer Anja, Sirota North America Architecture · Director of MEET, Italy’s First Digital Cultural Center
· Former Triennale Director
4 Tsinghua University Art Design Academy Dean,
Lu Xiaobo Asia Design (industry) · Dean and Professor of Tsinghua University Art and Design Academy
· Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Corporation, USA
· Participated as a judge in overseas competitions (reddot, etc.)
5 Architect General of
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Kim Seung-hoe Asia City architecture · Architect General of Seoul Metropolitan Government
· Professor of College of Architecture, Seoul National University
· Seoul Architecture Awards 4 times