Picturebook: play and link

Picture books soothe and energizes us with their ability to transcend the boundaries of play and art, and reality and fantasy, and connect images with texts, children with adults, and medium with a different medium. Picturebook: play and link introduces ten picture book writers who have actively experimented with various domains of light, sound, nature, play, and environment as a part of their tireless efforts to discover new connections.

Today’s picture books are extending more diversely in themes and shapes. This exhibition also represents the process of bringing together those who acknowledge the extendibility and infinite potentials of picture books to explore new possibilities. You can visit the picture book houses and use your five senses to enjoy books you have once thought are only for reading. You will discover the new faces of picture books and find an experimental spirit hidden inside. Just as books are completed only when they have readers, the works showcased here can only be completed with your contribution. How have picture books changed?
What messages will they deliver, and how will their shapes change? We invite you to feel the power of picture books that move people’s minds and magically connect one another through play.

Exhibition Title
“Everyday Art, Picture Book, Exhibition Picture book: Play and Link”

December 20, 2020 (Sun.) ~ February 14, 2021 (Sun.)
(Exhibition-related program pre-open 2020.12.14.(Mon))


Exhibit Contents
Light, sound, nature, play, environment, etc. on a continuous line of efforts that have always sought new connections
Actively experimenting in various fields and highlighting 10 picture book writers who want to connect
Exhibits in various ways such as video and interactive art

Invited Artists
1. Kim, Ji-min / Picture Books as Art Objects: An experimental work that connotes the writer’s theme with the innate properties of picture books.
2. Moon, Seung-yeon / Discovery of Children: A borderless world where everything is alive and communicating.
3. So, Yun-gyeong / Unfamiliar Yet Marvelous: A gaze at the backside of this eternally safe and smooth world.
4. Lee, Myeong-ae / Connect and Move: My feelings, my pace, and my images
5. Lee, Su-ji / Play and Art, Skating and Drawing, the Excitement of Following My Footsteps
6. Jang, Hyeon-jeong / The Color and Temperature of Sound: Finding the story of life and color told by the sound
7. Cha, Jeong-in / Visually-Formatted Language, Starting a Conversation with Books
8. Han, Byeong-ho / The Old and the New: An attempt at a diverse and creative interpretation of traditional images
9. Han, Saet-byeol / Picture Books of Light: Korean pop-up book created by using light and diverse properties of matter
10. Han, Seong-min / Coexisting on Planet Earth: An open-minded story about environmental issues captures in paper-cutting.

Concurrent Events
Design education with children: picture books
– An educational program where 10 participating artists directly appear in various and detailed stories about the overall picture book to meet a more vivid scene
Picture book at home
– Untact design kit A play program in which children create stories and complete picture books while making picture book design kit